Valley View Industries Ltd manufactures lumber products in Kamloops, British Columbia.
As well as stocking smooth kiln dried fencing and decking materials. Our logs are sawn on our Wood-Mizer LT40 capable of cutting a maximum of 36” wide by 26’ long. Great for live edge slabs and large timbers. After processing timbers on the sawmill, the lumber is further processed through our Wood-Mizer EG200 twin blade edger, Forester 900 re-saw, 45’ Dry kiln, Smart-mac 5 head moulder and other finishing equipment. This allows us to make custom products in small and large production runs. Our team is experienced from raw logs to installed products including siding, fencing, pergolas, decks and gazebos.

Smooth lumber:
Our smooth lumber is kiln dried, full one inch 5/4” thick and comes in three grades.

Most commonly used in our fence panels, decks and planter boxes.

#1 Grade:
Nice on both sides, tight knot, perfect for fencing that can be seen
from both sides.Boards are clean and free from defects.

#2 Grade:
Good on one side, some larger knots acceptable, pocket rot and scuff
marks could be on one side,still a structurally sound piece of wood.

#3 Grade:
Defects on both sides, possible sun faded, good for planters, rustic feature walls, low cost fencing.

Tongue and groove #1
Interlocking double V-joint profile, nice on both sides, tight knot, high quality and durable.

Tongue and groove #2
Interlocking double V-joint profile, good one side, high quality and durable.

Rough sawn lumber grades:
Our rough sawn lumber can be kiln dried on request and ran into different sizes and profiles.

Unless otherwise specified our rough sawn lumber is full dimensional.

Nice on both sides, clear, flat sawn or vertical grain available. Great for canoes, high end siding,
fencing, gazebos and more, can contain some small tight knots. With the majority of the ordering being
completely clear. And knots not exceeding 1” and no more than two knots per board.

#1 Grade:
Tight knot, nice looking material, suitable for any backyard or commercial building project.

#2 Grade/Utility:
Bigger knots, possibly some loose knots, some pocket rot or wane, some weathering is possible.
Good for siding, planter boxes or a more suitable option for meeting a budget.