Valley View Industries is now known locally and internationally for its premium western cedar products. Cedar is the preferred wood where aesthetic appeal, durability and weather resistance is important. We pride ourselves on our heavy duty construction, originality, quality and craftsmanship of our products. The natural beauty of the cedar can be enhanced with a variety of different finishes or left in its natural state.

Valley View Industries sells and stocks kiln dried radius edge fencing and decking material. We offer dimensional lumber on our 24 foot sawmill at our 2 acre facility in Kamloops, British Columbia. Full dimensional cedar, fir and maple lumber, custom cuts, and live edge material are available. We have a full wood and metal shop that features 24 inch wide planing and sanding equipment, an industrial shaper for our full inch thick tongue and groove, and welding equipment for our steel brackets and fencing. Our large ventilated spray booth allows us to complete products regardless of weather.

Special orders on any of our products can be structurally engineered to support your specifications. Contact Us with any inquiries you may have.