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Valleyview Industries Cedar Product

Valley View Industries believes in making premium western red cedar products that look good and are built to last. Cedar is the preferred wood where aesthetic appeal, durability and weather resistance is important. We pride ourselves on our heavy duty construction, originality, quality and craftsmanship of our products. The natural beauty of the cedar can be enhanced with a variety of different finishes or left in its natural state.

We are unique in the fact that logs enter one side of our facility, get processed then leave as a completed product. Logs get processed through our sawmill into lumber then go through our dry kiln and finishing equipment. The lumber is then available for sale by the board or by the truck load. The lumber is also used by our team of carpenters for our fencing, gazebo and pergola products, these products are available for supply anywhere and installation in Kamloops and the surrounding areas.

Special orders on any of our products can be structurally engineered to support your specifications.

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How its made, cedar lumber, gazebos, fencing and pergolas.