Cedar Hot Tub Enclosures

Valley View Industries Ltd. is open to all of your ideas, and will work with you, and will custom build Cedar Hot Tub Enclosures to fit any size of hot tub or spa. We pride ourselves with a durable and strong product, engineered with quality workmanship.

Our enclosures are recommended to be installed on a concrete pad. Your enclosure can come in an open or closed style.

The wall panels are 7′ high, using cedar 2″ x 4″ cedar frame work and V-Joint 1″ x 6″ cedar boards. Window panels and solid panels sizes vary from 26″ to 32″ depending on the size of hot tub enclosure, with door openings being 32″. Roof construction has 2″ x 4″ rafters and hips, with 1″ x 4″ strapping and has a 5-12 pitch. The size of the hot tub enclosure dictates the size of the skylight. Skylights are clear in colour, with the sizes being 2’x2′, 4×4, 2’x4′, 2’x6′ or 2’x8′ with the surrounding framework being 2″ x 8″ construction. The roof comes pre-shingled in 6 (or 8) sections (depending on the size of hot tub enclosure) using 24″ re-sawn cedar shingles with an 8″ reveal.

You can have the option of cedar floor, steps, cabinets and towel racks etc. You can decide where you would want the door to be placed, how many walls to be with windows, and how many walls to be solid panels. It is quite common to have one solid privacy wall. The door comes with the option of having a keyed lockset. The windows of the hot tub enclosure are bronze coloured tempered 5 ml glass, not plastic.

Enclosures can be built to any custom size you want, and can be pre-stained with your choice of colour. The bigger the enclosure the more seating it provides. With a Valley View Industries hot tub enclosure you can use your hot tub all year round, being protected from the elements.

Contact us for any inquiries.